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Healthcare Professional Newsletter, June 2022

Nutritional Skin Care: Exploring the Evidence on Nutrients in Skin Health Glowing skin is a beauty goal many people strive for, yet too few understand the important functions of skin and why skin integrity is important for both appearance and good overall health.1 Skin is the largest organ in...

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Healthcare Professional Newsletter, May 2022

The Impact of Exercise on the Gut Microbiome While there are countless benefits of exercise, such as improvement in mood and sleep, lowering risk of chronic disease and maintaining healthy immunity, emerging research supports the benefit of regular exercise for regulating, enhancing and...

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Healthcare Professional Newsletter, April 2022

Sustainable Food Systems and the Future of Food Food production puts tremendous pressure on the health of our planet. The estimated worldwide population of 9 billion by 2050 will test the sustainability and resilience of the food system. Food systems cover the gamut of production and processing...

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