"I have a 4-year-old patient who is a very picky eater and was struggling to gain weight. I had tried a variety of other nutritional shakes and toddler formulas, but she refused to drink them. I gave her mom a sample of Orgain and we were shocked that she drank the entire bottle! We were even more shocked when she finished and then asked for more! Orgain is the only thing she will currently drink. She asks for it by name. Thanks to Orgain her weight has increased from below the 1st to above the 5th percentile on the growth chart. Her favorite flavor is strawberry."
"My colleagues and I are very happy to be able to tell our patients about Orgain products. It’s wonderful to have such a high quality product to recommend—one I use myself! I’m very happy you have such great vegan products!"
Oncology Dietitian
"I am a dietitian in rural, low-income Arkansas and I suggest your products regularly! Most of my patients are now consumers of your protein shakes because of the benefit of your sampling portal. A lot of the population I work with are hesitant to spend their money on new things because they are worried that they are not going to like it. So, thank you for offering the sample portal to us!"
Oncology Dietitian
"You are to be commended on the quality and variety of information found in your webinars. You have done such an excellent job. I am at the end of my current 5-year review period for my RDN credential and have been listening/viewing the webinars recently and they are so practical and informative. Having taught in a public health program, I am always looking for simple ways to interpret nutrition research so it can be used by the public. I find something that I can promote to the public in these webinars, as well use in my personal life. Keep up the good work - I am very pleased with the professionalism provided by Orgain."
Professor Emerita & Dietitian
"I have loved adding Orgain to the supplements I to offer the patients. Multiple patients have provided positive feedback on taste and tolerance. I have also received positive feedback about the cleaner ingredients and plant-based options."
Oncology Dietitian
"I just have to say that I love being an ambassador and having all these amazing resources. The webinars are immensely fascinating! I have truly learned so much from just the 5 I've watched recently. I can honestly say I've been implementing a lot of the information I've learned into my outpatient appointments. That, along with the Good Clean Nutrition Podcast, have been incredibly valuable. I've even recommended a few of the episodes of the podcast to my patients!"
Clinical Dietitian
"I have been getting a lot of positive feedback from patients who try Orgain shakes, and I have stopped getting samples from Glucerna, Ensure and others because I think this is the best product to recommend to my patients."
Diabetes & Weight Loss Dietitian
"I like that the product is available to our patients over the counter and even online. I've gotten back good feedback from a Crohn's patient who previously refused to take any supplements that we've offered."
Sports Medicine Dietitian
"I have had great experiences with the portal. Simple, easy, and quick. I love Orgain products and having access to them to offer to my patients is great."
Oncology Dietitian
"Orgain hits all the elements important to my patients, such as affordability and taste, and also gives me confidence as a Gastroenterologist that I’m providing patients a clean, hypo-allergenic product that is well-tolerated. I use the nutritional shakes on those who need supplemental calories, even via feeding tubes, and the protein shakes for my post-bariatric patients on modified diets as well as those on weight loss programs. Orgain is the go-to in my GI practice."
"Working with the oncology population, I know just how detrimental it can be to not consume adequate calories and protein. Unfortunately, many of my patients and clients are at risk of becoming malnourished because their caloric demand is increased. Orgain allows these individuals the chance to add more nutrition in a clean, wholesome, and delicious way! I feel confident using Orgain as a tool in my toolbox to help optimize my patient and clients’ nutritional status. Orgain wants to help individuals as much as I do – and I really appreciate that!"
Oncology Dietitian
"I think the direct-to-patient sampling program is one of the best, most convenient ways for patients to receive samples delivered to their homes during the pandemic that I've seen so far. The option for patients to also see the tracking information is an added bonus! My patients have been appreciative they don't have to go out shopping during the pandemic, & that they have the option to still try before buying."
Oncology Dietitian
"I’m a Registered Dietitian and would first like to start by sharing how much your Orgain product has helped my medical condition, Crohn’s Disease. I was on the Specific Carbohydrate diet for almost 2 years in clinical and biochemical remission, however I had a flare up and was unable to get control until I started Exclusive Enteral Nutrition (EEN), by mouth, with your Orgain All-in-One Nutrition Shakes, for one month straight. I went into clinical remission for about 6 months, then figured out if I do Partial Enteral Nutrition (drinking 2 shakes for breakfast everyday) I’m back into remission. Your product has literally been my medicine!"
Clinical Dietitian
"I've never found a plant based protein powder specifically that is so loved by so many athletes, and I'd love to be able to recommend it to other people."
Sports Dietitian
"I have been using the Orgain beverages for over 2 years in my GI practice. These products are the perfect fit for my GI compromised patients as well as anyone looking for a high quality, clean protein, calorie dense liquid beverage. The flavors are wonderful and these products are tolerated very well by all my clients. I have used the high protein beverage for my diabetic clients, as well as my athletes - these are the perfect fit due to the low sugar content! I highly recommend the Orgain line of nutritional products to both the compromised and healthy individual."
Gastroenterolgy Dietitian
"I really like the Orgain ambassador program as it makes it very easy to reorder samples, coupons, etc. I also like that you offer webinars and educational info as well. Really, I think your program is very well organized compared to many of the other supplement companies."
Oncology Dietitian
"I am very much enjoying being an ambassador. Ordering sample kits is a breeze, and my patients appreciate that they get to try a sample of your product before going out and buying a box for themselves."
Sports Medicine Dietitian
"Being a registered dietitian, I feel confident promoting your product. I feel good telling my allergy clients the standards you uphold with manufacturing. It is difficult to find nut free protein shakes that are healthy. Your products are clean and non modified."
Clinical Dietitian
"I wanted to write you because I want you to know that Orgain really has great products. I have type 1 diabetes, which has been my primary motivator to become a dietitian and a diabetes educator and I have always had to be careful with processed foods, with an emphasis on protein powders and shakes. However, though I nearly always have a poor blood sugar reaction to protein products, this has not been the case with Orgain products! This just goes to show the quality of Orgain products. So thank you. I had samples sent to my house at first as a test run to see how it affected my diabetes, but Orgain has been wonderful and wonderful to work with the Ambassador program. I couldn't be happier. I now plan to work with the Endo and PA to start giving out Orgain samples and coupons to all the patients."
Certified Diabetes Educator
"I am so happy I found Orgain! I have been looking for clean, plant-based protein and bars, and Orgain is perfect. My patients are constantly asking me what protein to use for shakes, and I will be happy to recommend Orgain!"
Oncology Dietitian
"I have been enjoying talking to patients about the product as an alternative for nutritional support. I've had several patients tell me this is one of the only nutritional drinks they are able to tolerate with gastroparesis (our patient population). It is nice to have samples to provide to patients if they need extra nutritional intake (or better options than Ensure, which many of our patients cannot tolerate). We appreciate the program and the opportunity to provide patients with samples."
Gastroenterology Nurse
"My first choice for patients that need an oral supplement is almost always Orgain. As an RD I am much more comfortable recommending Orgain over conventional brands like Ensure because it’s certified organic, has a much cleaner and less controversial ingredient list and it’s lower in sugar. Yet most importantly, my cancer patients don’t complain about it being too sweet or having a chemical taste so they are much more likely to drink it and get the important nutrition they need during treatment. It’s a premium product yet doesn’t come with the premium price tag that puts it out of reach for patients. I also love that its so widely available now at retailers and can be purchased online too like on Amazon at a really good price."
Oncology Dietitian
"As an oncology dietitian, many of my patients and families have expressed a desire to use more natural nutrition supplements during their treatments. Many patients are interested in reducing their overall intake of added sugars and processed ingredients. I recommend Orgain supplements to many of my patients given the use of real fruits and vegetables, non-GMO ingredients, and lower amounts of sugar compared to conventional brands. Including Orgain products on our formulary has been a great option for patients and families who are looking for nutrition supplement options outside of the conventional brands."
Oncology Dietitian
"In pediatrics, many of the parents and teenagers I counsel on nutrition complain about artificial ingredients and sugar in the standard pediatric drinks like PediaSure. We recently started to recommend Orgain and us (the RDs), the parents and most importantly the kids love it! It tastes like a real milkshake but not too sweet and no vitamin after taste or tongue coating like traditional products! The monkey graphic is a big selling point over some of the other drinks in my mind. Kids call it the “Monkey Milk” and it puts a smile on their face when I bring it in for them to try! Thank you Orgain for making such a wonderful product!"
Pediatric Dietitan
"I recommend Orgain products to my patients because they have such a large variety of high quality options. The products are well balanced and responsibly sourced. I love having both plant and grass-fed whey based ready-to-drink and powder options that are not only good for them but also taste great."
Bariatric Dietitian
"Being an RD in gastroenterology, I need to view products very closely when I recommend them to patients. Orgain is a great option for patients looking for an organic, high quality protein shake that does not cause GI distress."
Gastroenterolgy Dietitian
"I have Chrohn's Disease, a host of food allergies and problems just getting in enough nutrition. I have little to no appetite most of the time, and have to eat very small portions. I struggle to get enough calories and vitamins in. Orgain's vegan shakes and protein bars are a literal life saver. I often have no appetite, and can keep either a shake or bar nearby and eat very slowly on it--which gets the calories in, but I don't feel rushed to eat a whole meal. And the ingredients are completely safe for me to eat--I don't have to worry about if what I'm putting in my body is going to make me sicker. Oh--and they taste great as well which makes the task of eating less stressful and I'm starting to enjoy it again. Thank you, Orgain for what you do!"
Orgain Customer
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