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Not your typical teen years.

As a teenager, Andrew was diagnosed with an aggressive form of tissue cancer. Overnight, he went from getting ready for tennis practice to getting ready for surgery, an experience that would ultimately change his life and his views on nutrition.

Doctor’s not-so-nutritious orders.

Dangerously thin from treatment, Andrew was given so-called nutrition shakes to help him gain weight, but they only made him feel worse. He read book after book about nutrition and became sure that the artificial and genetically modified ingredients were not his ticket to health.

Taking health into his own hands.

With the help of his mother, Andrew started blending shakes at home using only whole organic ingredients. They made him feel stronger and suddenly, the future looked a little brighter.

Patient turned doctor turned entrepreneur.

Years later, while seeing patients in his own medical practice, Andrew had a nagging feeling that he could be doing more and became obsessed with replacing the artificial shakes he was given as a patient with a healthier alternative.

A company was born.

Orgain’s first product was modeled after the organic nutrition shakes Andrew and his mom blended years ago. His mission to feel better back then turned into a company on a mission today, propelled by an uncompromising commitment to clean nutrition.

"My first choice for patients that need an oral supplement is almost always Orgain. As an RD I am much more comfortable recommending Orgain over conventional brands like Ensure and BOOST because it’s certified organic, has a much cleaner and less controversial ingredient list and it’s lower in sugar. Yet most importantly, my cancer patients don’t complain about it being too sweet or having a chemical taste so they are much more likely to drink it and get the important nutrition they need during treatment. It’s a premium product yet doesn’t come with the premium price tag that puts it out of reach for patients. I also love that its so widely available now at retailers and can be purchased online too like on Amazon at a really good price.”
Oncology Dietitian
"As an oncology dietitian, many of my patients and families have expressed a desire to use more natural nutrition supplements during their treatments. Many patients are interested in reducing their overall intake of added sugars and processed ingredients. I recommend Orgain supplements to many of my patients given the use of real fruits and vegetables, non-GMO ingredients, and lower amounts of sugar compared to conventional brands. Including Orgain products on our formulary has been a great option for patients and families who are looking for nutrition supplement options outside of the conventional brands."
Oncology Dietitian
"In pediatrics, many of the parents and teenagers I counsel on nutrition complain about artificial ingredients and sugar in the standard pediatric drinks like PediaSure. We recently started to recommend Orgain and us (the RDs), the parents and most importantly the kids love it! It tastes like a real milkshake but not too sweet and no vitamin after taste or tongue coating like traditional products! The monkey graphic is a big selling point over some of the other drinks in my mind. Kids call it the “Monkey Milk” and it puts a smile on their face when I bring it in for them to try! Thank you Orgain for making such a wonderful product!"
Pediatric Dietitan
"I readily recommend Orgain powders and ready-made drinks for my bariatric patients. I trust the company and their mission, plus they make a great tasting shake! I am grateful they have vegan and grass-fed whey products to help our patients get the best quality nutrition for their bodies without too many excess calories. Their Plant-Based Protein Powder is not gritty like the others on the market, and it mixes well with just water for a busy on-the-go lifestyle."
Bariatric Dietitian
"I recommend Orgain products to my patients because they have such a large variety of high quality options. The products are well balanced and responsibly sourced. I love having both plant and grass-fed whey based ready-to-drink and powder options that are not only good for them but also taste great."
Bariatric Dietitian
"I have been using the Orgain beverages for over 2 years in my GI practice. These products are the perfect fit for my GI compromised patients as well as anyone looking for a high quality, clean protein, calorie dense liquid beverage. The flavors are wonderful and these products are tolerated very well by all my clients. I have used the high protein beverage for my diabetic clients, as well as my athletes - these are the perfect fit due to the low sugar content! I highly recommend the Orgain line of nutritional products to both the compromised and healthy individual."
Gastroenterolgy Dietitian
"Being an RD in gastroenterology, I need to view products very closely when I recommend them to patients. Orgain is a great option for patients looking for an organic, high quality protein shake that does not cause GI distress."
Gastroenterolgy Dietitian
"I have Chrohn's Disease, a host of food allergies and problems just getting in enough nutrition. I have little to no appetite most of the time, and have to eat very small portions. I struggle to get enough calories and vitamins in. Orgain's vegan shakes and protein bars are a literal life saver. I often have no appetite, and can keep either a shake or bar nearby and eat very slowly on it--which gets the calories in, but I don't feel rushed to eat a whole meal. And the ingredients are completely safe for me to eat--I don't have to worry about if what I'm putting in my body is going to make me sicker. Oh--and they taste great as well which makes the task of eating less stressful and I'm starting to enjoy it again. Thank you, Orgain for what you do!"
Orgain Customer

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