Orgain Healthcare Ambassador Sampling Portal Tutorial Videos

Sampling Portal Tutorials

These short video tutorials will help answer common questions.

How Can I Track My Samples?

Learn how to to find tracking information for sample kits that you have requested for your practice or your patients and how to resend discount offers to patients

Where Can I Find My Personal Ambassador Discount Code?

Learn how to find and use your ambassador discount code to save on all of your personal purchases from

How Do I Order Patient Samples?

Learn how to request sample kits for your practice or your patients, as well as how to send discount offers to patients.

How Can I Reset My Password?

Learn how to update your ambassador account password whether for security reasons, or because it was forgotten.

How Can I Update My Ambassador Profile?

Learn how to update your name, shipping address, place of work, communication preferences, etc.

How Can I Use The Orgain Healthcare App?

Learn how to use the Orgain Healthcare App, the easiest and most convenient way to request samples, participate in professional education and listen to The Good Clean Nutrition Podcast

What Are the Healthcare Practitioner Resources?

Learn how to access all the resources available from Orgain Healthcare, including downloadable documents, webinars, podcast episodes, recipes and much more!

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Picture of Keith Hine, MS, RD
Keith Hine, MS, RD
Vice President of Healthcare, Sports and Professional Education
Picture of Lauren Bissonnette, MS, RD, LDN
Lauren Bissonnette, MS, RD, LDN
Ambassador Support & Education Manager
Picture of Acacia Wright, RD, CD
Acacia Wright, RD, CD
Nutrition Communications & Support Sr. Manager