New Orgain Kids Product Updates!

August 8, 2023

In response to the rising demand for Orgain Kids products, we’re thrilled to share one new product and a new flavor of the popular kids shake! 

Orgain Kids Protein Nutrition Shake Mix– NEW

Made with grass-fed dairy, Orgain Kids Protein Nutrition Shake Mix is the latest addition to the Orgain Kids portfolio and is available in two fun and delicious flavors, Vanilla Bean Ice Cream& Chocolate BrownieHere are some of the nutritional highlights per 2-scoop serving:

  • 180 calories
  • 8g Grass-Fed Protein
  • 4g Dietary Fiber
  • 22-23 Vitamins and Minerals*
  • Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend
  • Gluten Free and Soy Free
  • 35% less sugar than the leading Kids Shake Mix

*Varies based on flavor

Orgain Kids Protein Organic Nutritional Shake – Fruity Cereal (Costco Exclusive)

Tried and true, Orgain’s Kids Protein Organic Nutritional Shake provides delicious organic nutrition for growing children and has become a pantry staple for many families. This new fruity cereal flavor is currently available at select Costco locations, but you can also check out our classic Orgain Kids Protein Nutritional Shake flavors of strawberry, vanilla, and chocolate on  

  • 8g Grass-Fed Protein
  • 22 Vitamins & Minerals
  • 3g Dietary Fiber
  • Organic Fruit & Vegetable Blend
  • 40% Less Sugar Than Leading Kids High Protein Nutritional Shakes
  • Non-GMO, Gluten Free, and Soy Free
  • No Artificial Colors or Flavors

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