Ambassador Spotlight: Joe Zucchi, PA-C, CPT

August 7, 2023

We’re delighted to share this month’s featured ambassador, Physician’s Assistant, Personal Trainer, and Clinical Supervisor at Transition Medical Weight Loss, Joe Zucchi, PA-C, CPT.  Read on to learn more about Joe’s inspiring professional journey and Orgain success story with one of his pediatric patients!

What is your current title and professional role?

“My current title is Physician Assistant, Personal Trainer, and Clinical Supervisor at Transition Medical Weight Loss. Our program has a unique niche in medical weight management, combining the expertise of medical professionals with personalized fitness and nutritional plans. Our program is grounded in science and emphasizes a sustainable, health-focused approach to weight loss.

We’ve created a multidisciplinary program with a wide range of options and a strong emphasis on accountability and support. For example, within Transition Medical Weight Loss we actually have a food store and we provide a wide range of fresh, frozen, and shelf-stable food options, including Orgain protein shakes which are a favorite among our patients. The program also includes lab work, in-depth body composition analysis, fitness plans, and even support groups and educational seminars. We are proud to have helped over 1,300 patients lose a combined total of more than 30,000 pounds in the 4 years since we opened our doors.”

Tell us about your professional journey and any obstacles you’ve had to overcome.

“As for my personal journey, it’s been a path driven by passion and a dedication to making a difference. After graduating from Saint Anselm College and then earning my Master of Physician Assistant Studies degree from MCPHS University, I took up roles as a Fitness & Nutritional Advisor at a medical weight loss center and as a Research Technician & Study Coordinator at Tufts University.

These experiences instilled in me a deep understanding of the intricate connections between nutrition, fitness, and health. This knowledge has fueled my career at Transition Medical Weight Loss, where I have had the privilege of helping countless individuals achieve not just weight loss, but a profound, sustainable improvement in their overall health. Every success story is a reminder of why I chose this path.”

Please share a recent patient or client success story using Orgain.  

“I’m excited to share with you a story about one of my pediatric patients, whom I’ll call Lily for the sake of her privacy. Lily was a 14-year-old girl who came to me struggling with chronic fatigue and poor school performance. Being on the school’s volleyball team, she had a more active lifestyle than most teens her age. However, despite her love for the sport, she found it challenging to keep up with the physical demands due to low energy levels.

Upon evaluating her diet, we discovered that Lily wasn’t eating enough protein and other essential nutrients. This was largely due to her exceptionally picky eating habits and busy lifestyle which often led to her skipping meals or opting for unhealthy quick-fixes. Given the immediacy of her nutritional deficiency, it was necessary to supplement her diet while we worked towards a comprehensive and sustainable dietary change. This is where Orgain ready-to-drink protein drinks became a game-changer.

After introducing Lily to Orgain, she instantly took to the Orgain Chocolate Kids Protein Organic Nutrition Shake, owing to its delicious flavor that cleverly disguised the nutritional punch it packed. Each serving offered her 8g of clean, organic protein and 22 vitamins and minerals, covering a wide range of her nutritional needs.

The transformation was excellent. Within just a few weeks, Lily reported feeling more energetic and less fatigued. Her performance at volleyball improved, she was more focused during her classes, and her overall mood was noticeably uplifted. She even confessed that she started looking forward to her Orgain shake every day, calling it her “super fuel”. But the impact of Orgain went beyond just physical wellness. It sparked an interest in Lily about nutrition and health, prompting her to take an active role in planning her meals. This newfound nutritional consciousness, combined with her daily Orgain intake, has set her on a healthier path, and I couldn’t be prouder. What makes this story even more compelling is that it’s not unique. I’ve witnessed similar transformations with many other patients thanks to Orgain’s products. They not only fill critical nutritional gaps but also serve as catalysts to healthier lifestyle choices.”

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