Meet Orgain’s Dietitian Director – Healthcare Professional Newsletter, October, 2017

October 18, 2017

Meet Orgain’s Dietitian Leading our Outreach to Healthcare Professionals!

Keith Hine, MS, RD is our Director of Healthcare and leads our efforts to educate and inspire healthcare professionals on the unique offering Orgain products deliver as compared to conventional brands.

Keith started with Orgain in 2016 after discussions with Dr. Andrew Abraham, Orgain’s Founder and CEO, regarding his mission to raise awareness of Orgain among dietitians and other healthcare professionals and was looking for someone with Keith’s profile to help pioneer that work for the company.

Keith’s career experiences have prepared him well for this role, as he has over 20 years of learnings from various positions, that started in hospitals as a generalist dietitian, nutrition support dietitian and then a clinical nutrition manager at a large health system. After those years in clinical dietetics, Keith transitioned to the commercial nutrition industry and progressively held more responsible roles in sales, training, business development, marketing and leadership positions with large multinational nutrition companies and a specialty ingredient manufacturer.

Keith lives in the western Chicago suburbs with his wife Stephanie and their 4 year old son, William. Illinois is the sixth state that Keith has resided in during his career, although that doesn’t come compare to the 26 moves that Keith’s parents made during his dad’s Navy career. When not working or engaged in family activities, Keith plays league soccer, a game he has loved since childhood.

Keith loves his role as it allows him to tap into all his experiences but he’s not alone in this mission of raising awareness of Orgain among the medical community. He’ll be the first to acknowledge the many talented folks working alongside him such as Casey Rovetti, MS, RD – Consumer & Healthcare Support Manager, Brian Meares – Healthcare Marketing Leader and many others at Orgain.

Keith Hine, MS, RD, Sr. Director of Healthcare

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Where it All Started: The Organic Nutrition Shake

After surviving cancer at a young age, Orgain’s founder, Dr. Andrew Abraham, set out to make an organic, cleaner label alternative to conventional nutrition shakes. It had to be made from the best organic ingredients, be low in sugar yet high in organic protein, and free of anything artificial. It took many hours in the kitchen to create Orgain’s first product, the Organic Nutrition Shake, but Dr. Abraham really knocked it out of the park.

These shakes are packed with Organic goodness and boast 250 calories,16g of protein, 21 vitamins & minerals, and an organic fruit & vegetable blend in each shake. While the nutrition label is certainly impressive, what stands out even more is the amazing taste and smooth mouthfeel.

Organic Nutrition shakes are available in 4 delicious flavors that even picky patients are sure to enjoy: Creamy Chocolate Fudge, Sweet Vanilla Bean, Iced Café Mocha, and Strawberries & Cream. Of course, because they’re organic, they do not contain GMOs, artificial colors, artificial sweeteners, or preservatives. Organic Nutrition Shakes are perfect for patients on a medical journey, they can be incorporated into a program for weight loss/weight management, and they’re a convenient choice for nutrition on the go.

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4 Steps to a Delicious, Nutritious Smoothie with Orgain

Smoothies and shakes are a quick, easy, and tasty way to help get your patients or clients the nutrition they need. Whether you have a patient or client that is trying to lose weight, gain weight, or focus in on a specific medical need, a smoothie made with Orgain can help provide optimal nutrition.

  1. Start with a Liquid: With 10g of protein per serving Orgain Almondmilk + Protein can be used as a base liquid to provide a protein power-up to any standard smoothie recipe.
  2. Add Fruits and Veggies: The sky is the limit here! You’ll be surprised at how well a half cup of ripe berries can mask the flavor of a cup of spinach.
  3. Give it some Protein: Orgain Plant Based Protein Powder provides 21g of protein with 1g or less of sugar per serving for individuals looking for a high protein, low carbohydrate option. Or, for those looking for a more well-rounded nutrition profile, the Orgain Original Nutrition Shakes can be used to add 250 high quality calories and 21 vitamins and minerals to the mix.
  4. Finish it with Flavor: Extracts like vanilla or almond, honey, peppermint, or even cayenne can help spice things up.

There are thousands of possible flavor combinations and so many ways to meet your patients’ specific needs by using Orgain as a nutritional base. Print and share our Smoothie Recipe Sheet with your patients and check out our blog for more Orgain recipe inspiration.

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Help Patients Reach Their Goals with MyFit Nutrition & Fitness Hub

Your patients and clients can join the movement to get healthy— FREE!

MyFit is a FREE one stop hub to help improve health and manage weight.

Orgain MyFit offers personalized meal plans tailored to meet your weight goals and syncs up with fitness tracking devices to help manage fitness goals. It also creates a customized shopping list to help bring your meal plans to life! Today is the day to start taking steps to get fit with MyFit.

Learn More

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Upcoming Events

October 21, 2017 Obesity Medicine 2017

Celebrate the Academy’s Centennial and attend FNCE® 2017 in Chicago. Visit Orgain at Booth 1714. October 21, 2017

September 13, 2017 Obesity Medicine 2017

Be a part of the largest gathering of obesity medicine clinicians in the country. Join us in San Antonio this fall. Visit Orgain at Booth 831.

Grey HR As an oncology dietitian, many of my patients and families have expressed a desire to use more natural nutrition supplements during their treatments. Many patients are interested in reducing their overall intake of added sugars and processed ingredients. I recommend Orgain Orgain supplements to many of my patients given the use of real fruits and vegetables, non-GMO ingredients, and lower amounts of sugar compared to conventional brands. Including Orgain products on our formulary has been a great option for patients and families who are looking for nutrition supplement options outside of the conventional brands.–Lindsey, Oncology Dietitian

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