Ambassador Spotlight – Dr. Neal Patel, DPM, DABPM, FAPWH

July 11, 2023

What is your current title? If you have a unique niche, share more about why you’ve made this your focus.

Physician/ Co-Founder: Indy Wound Center for Limb Preservation & Reconstruction 

Role: Wound Care & Reconstructive Surgeon

I’m a physician specializing in wound care and surgical restoration of hard to heal wounds. Wound care is often overlooked and passed over by many physicians leading to amputation and sometimes death of patients, that could otherwise have been prevented if they were able to see a dedicated wound care provider. I’m in the business of providing patients with a better quality of life and giving them other options of healing.

Tell us about your professional journey and any obstacles you’ve had to overcome.  

I grew up in a small town in Indiana where health was not a priority. People had to focus on work and providing for their families. This often led to high incidences of diabetes. With the combination of demanding physical jobs and diabetes, some people developed ulcerations, which often led to amputations due to the lack of resources and physicians trained in limb salvage. I eventually went onto undergrad at Indiana University, medical school in Ohio, and then trained at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center in Chicago. This is where I witnessed firsthand the importance of limb preservation in our veteran population. My training involved surgical and non-surgical management of various lower extremity conditions with an emphasis on wound care, amputation prevention, deformity correction, and infection management. 

Upon completion of this residency, I relocated to Southern California and completed a fellowship in advanced wound care, diabetic limb salvage and lower extremity reconstructive surgery. During my time in Los Angeles, I maintained privileges at Cedars Sinai Medical Center and worked alongside leaders in the fields of plastic, vascular, and orthopaedic surgery. After a couple years in Los Angeles, I made the decision to go back home and help the people that led me to this career. I co-founded Indy Wound Center for Limb Preservation & Reconstruction, where we focus strictly on full body wound care and restoration.

Why do you recommend Orgain?

Being a wound care specialist requires looking at a patient as a whole and figuring out the true etiology and systemic factors as to why a wound is not healing. And an important part of this process, if not the most important, is nutrition. I recommend Orgain organic nutrition shakes, protein shakes/powders and collagen powders to all my patients and have seen huge success in wound healing with the supplementation of these products. Patients love the taste and feel that they are a tangible part of the process of healing.


2023 Orgain Ambassador Surveys – The Results are In!

Huge thank you to all ambassadors that participated in our two recent surveys to assess ambassador program satisfaction and recommendations of Orgain products.  Please know that this feedback is instrumental in helping to shape our educational programs to better suit the needs of healthcare professionals. 

We’re proud to share that 90% of ambassadors are preferentially recommending Orgain versus other oral nutrition supplements. Below, we’ve shared some other ratings based on a 5-star scale for the educational resources and programs we offer. Feel free to click on each link to learn more: 

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