Ambassador Spotlight – Tanya Batche, RD

April 11, 2023

This month, we’re thrilled to recognize registered dietitian and entrepreneur, Tanya Batche, RD.  Learn more about Tanya’s inspiring professional journey, including her pivot from being a corporate dietitian for almost 30 years to becoming the owner and Chief Baking Officer of Hunger-Bomb Cookies, and how you could connect directly with her.

Orgain x Tanya Batche, RD – Q&A

1. What is your current profession? 

Owner, Dietitian – Baker for Hunger-Bomb Cookies

2. What is your current title? If you have a unique niche, share more about why you’ve made this your focus. 

Owner, Chief Baking Officer!  After traveling as a corporate dietitian for almost 30 years, I became frustrated with trying to finding healthy treats in airports and stores.  I’ve baked my entire life and after staying at that hotel that gives you those big chocolate chip cookies, I had an epiphany! Why should a cookie give me so much angst?  Should I eat it, and not eat dinner? Look at those calories, fat, and sugar!!  I’ll just eat half and have a salad!  Of course, I would eat the cookie and have dinner, and feel bad for not eating as healthy as I know I should.  So, during some quiet meditation, it came to me to start my own healthy baking company.  Healthy treats that are low in sugar, good fiber, and protein.  They are delicious and satisfy your sweet tooth, without spiking your blood sugar, and curb your hunger!  Hunger-Bomb Cookies was born!

3. Tell us about your professional journey and any obstacles you’ve had to overcome.  

My first few years in Dietetics, I moved around trying to find my niche, my passion.  It wasn’t hospitals or public health, but then I got contracted to a LTC facility thru my outpatient dietitian job.  That is where I found my home, senior care.  It allowed me the independence and variety I was looking for.  I found that doctors respected my expertise and gave me full reign, and I conducted quality assurance audits on the food service and clinical aspects of the business.  Fast forward a couple decades, and I was traveling half the country as a Director of Wellness with 150 communities and 100 dietitians to oversee and assist.  My challenge came in the form of a boss that was a bully!  I wasn’t sure how to navigate or tolerate the situation because it was a great job, and I didn’t see her going anywhere.  So, after some soul searching, I decided it best to develop an exit strategy, and cut my losses.  In the end, it was a blessing, and allowed me to follow my passion of starting my own company.  

4. Would you be open to other healthcare professionals reaching out to you to learn more about you and your success with Orgain?

Absolutely, I love helping fellow RDs.  I have a chance to mentor ASU students every year and help them see how fulfilling dietetics and being a business owner can be.  Contact Tanya at: [email protected].

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