Ambassador Spotlight – Dr. Yelena Podorzhansky

May 8, 2023

We’re delighted to share this month’s ambassador feature on OB/GYN physician, Dr. Yelena Podorzhansky.  Learn more about her professional journey toward becoming a board-certified OB/GYN at the age of 29 and why she made the area of women’s health her primary focus.

Orgain x Dr. Yelena Podorzhansky – Q&A

1. What is your current title? If you have a unique niche, share more about why you’ve made this your focus. 

I’m an OBGYN. I love learning about women’s health and educating as well as treating my patients. I’m a big proponent of preventative care and I strongly believe it all starts with a healthy lifestyle that a person can stick to long term!

2. Tell us about your professional journey.  

I decided to become a physician at a young age. I took anatomy and physiology as elective sciences in high school and realized I had a passion for the wonders of the human body. I didn’t waste any time and applied to a 6-year combined medical program to expedite my educational journey. I became an MD at the young age of 23. I then completed my 4-year OBGYN residency and took my boards on fast track and accomplished my goal of becoming one of the youngest board certified OBGYNs in the area before my 30th birthday. I then joined a busy practice and my career took off. I’ve always been very active, I played tennis all my life and earned an athletic scholarship while in medical school. I’ve always been passionate about adopting a healthy lifestyle with an emphasis on staying active and started educating my patients about it. 

3. Please share a recent patient or client success story using Orgain.  

I have a patient who was overweight most of her life. She was able to get a gastric bypass surgery and needs plenty of supplemental protein in her diet. I’ve introduced her to Orgain, which is my preferred protein powder, for both it’s great nutrition content- no added sugar, lots of protein, as well as taste. I’ve tried other protein powders and Orgain just tastes better and without artificial and unhealthy ingredients. She also tried other powders but didn’t like the taste. She thought she won’t be able to stick to her higher protein diet as her bariatric surgeon advised, but once she tried Orgain she was pleasantly surprised and since then has been doing great adhering to the strict diet. She’s been able to keep extra weight off and has become more active. She’s happier and healthier than ever and grateful to me for recommending a much tastier and nutritionally dense protein powder!

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New Educational Resources!

As part of Orgain’s mission to provide healthcare professionals with up-to-date educational resources throughout the year, we’re pleased to share two of our latest downloadable documents below.  

Introduction to New Zealand Grass-Fed Milk Protein
Did you know that New Zealand leads the world with the lowest carbon footprint for dairy milk production? Orgain is proud to use 100% New Zealand sourced grass-fed dairy in its popular line of dairy-based protein shakes and created this resource for healthcare professionals to learn more about the facts, figures and nutritional advantages of milk protein from pasture-raised cattle. 

An Overview on Collagen
With the rising interest in collagen as a supplement solution that offers multiple, complimentary benefits, we created this professional refresher on collagen and its many functions that stem beyond the commonly known benefits for skin, hair and nails. You’ll also learn more about the type of collagen used in Orgain Collagen Peptides.

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