Orgain’s Packaging Refresh

April 12, 2021
New look, same deliciousness!

We are excited to share that Orgain’s packaging has been refreshed for 2021! It has a more premium look and feel with easier-to-read labels making it faster to identify which products are dairy or plant-based! With more detailed information on the nutrition facts panel, we hope this update will give you more helpful information to share with your patients and clients. In addition to the front of the package, here’s what you’ll find on our nutrition labels:

– Soluble and insoluble fiber
– Mono- and polyunsaturated fats
– Indication of vitamins and minerals supplying 10% daily value or more per serving

Keep an eye out for the updated Orgain packages and let us know when you see them in stores or tag us in your pictures on social media! We would especially love to hear your feedback on the new packaging!

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