An Interview with Andrew Abraham, MD, Orgain CEO & Founder – Healthcare Professionals Newsletter, December 2019

December 17, 2019
Practitioner spotlight - An interview with

This month we are taking a unique approach with our practitioner spotlight. We are excited to feature Orgain’s visionary and creator himself, Dr. Andrew Abraham.

Q: What are you most proud of in 2019?

A: I’m most proud of the wonderful growth we’ve had at Orgain this past year, which means the world to me as Orgain is reaching far more people than ever before and helping to make a positive difference in their lives. It’s also easier than ever to buy our products because of the popularity of Amazon, the increased number of retailers now carrying Orgain and because of our renovated direct to consumer store on Growth in 2019 was spurred through constant innovation and an incredibly dedicated team that I feel very fortunate to be working with, as well as an intense focus on being the category leader for clean nutritional products.

Q: What are you excited about in 2020?

A: I’m most excited about continuing our momentum and launching several new products that will not only be delicious but will also offer incredible nutrition. We are also going to be launching our first ever national marketing campaign to help spread the word about Orgain and highlight the key benefits of our products! We are very excited about how that will help raise even greater awareness of Orgain.

Q: How has Orgain given back or extended a hand to those in need in 2019?

A: For anyone that reaches out that is going through a health or financial struggle, we provide Orgain for free.  All we ask in return is that they keep us updated on their health and help us spread the word about Orgain. This is an initiative I started in 2009, and my hope is to expand this in a large way in years to come.

Q: As a cancer survivor focused on optimizing health, what is your go-to smoothie recipe?

A: I’ve had the same antioxidant packed morning smoothie for as long as I can remember. My go-to smoothie recipe starts with almond milk, our Orgain Plant Based Protein Powder, organic frozen blueberries, organic frozen raspberries, our Orgain 50 Superfoods Powder with Probiotics, chia seeds, cocoa nibs, and of late I’ve been adding our new Orgain Organic MCT Oil.  This smoothie not only keeps me satisfied until lunch but it provides a powerhouse of nutrients, antioxidants, protein, and fiber to help start my day right.

FNCE Recap

Food and Nutrition Conference
and Expo 2019

Orgain at FNCE

Orgain HCP Website Protal

Last month we had the honor of exhibiting at the annual Food and Nutrition Conference and Expo (FNCE) in Philadelphia, PA and it was our best FNCE yet! Here’s why:

  • We had the opportunity to engage with over 2,300 RDNs and student/dietetic interns.
  • Our presence at FNCE helped to grow the number of healthcare ambassadors to over 7,000 practitioners across the U.S.
  • We hosted our first ever FNCE ambassador networking event so Orgain Healthcare Ambassadors attending FNCE could connect with each other, enjoy a cocktail and pick up some exclusive Orgain merchandise.
  • We engaged with more than 600 nutrition students and dietetic interns, giving them an introductory experience with Orgain.
  • Many FNCE attendees shared how they use Orgain personally and/or told us that Orgain is a standard recommendation for their patients/clients.
  • There were a significant number of RDNs asking about Orgain wholesale pricing because they want to add select Orgain products to formulary at their hospitals/practices.

Thank you all for your continued support. We look forward FNCE 2020 in Indianapolis, IN and hope to meet even more of you in person next year!

Orgain in Practice

Updates on Kaiser’s TransforMe Weight Control Initiative Featuring Orgain Products

Orgain Shakes

We are pleased to share the following Orgain products are eligible for insurance coverage and are available through medical suppliers across the country:

bullet  Orgain Organic Nutrition All-In-One Shake – HCPCS code (B4150)

bullet  Orgain Organic Vegan All-In-One Shake – HCPCS code (B4150)

bullet  Orgain Kids Protein Nutrition Shake – HCPCS code (B4160)

Home medical equipment companies carrying our products include:

bullet  Coram CVS

bullet  Edgepark Medical Supplies

bullet  Aveanna Healthcare

bullet  TotalCareRX

Healthcare Ambassadors

Practitioner Testimonial

Meghan F. Scura, RD, LDN, CLC

“My name is Meghan Scura, and I met you at FNCE 2019 during the Ambassador’s reception. I just had a follow up appointment with my 77-year-old patient with dementia and diagnosed moderate protein-calorie malnutrition. When I first met this patient, he was lethargic and his daughter noted his constant fatigue. This patient was falling asleep during the nutrition physical assessment and appeared unstable when getting on/off the scale. He was drinking two Ensure beverages per day and he was not eating well, so he was losing weight.

Because I had Orgain samples and coupons in my office, I recommended that the patient’s daughter (his primary caretaker) start adding powdered Orgain Plant Based Protein to a smoothie or a “milkshake” (recipe: 2 scoops frozen yogurt with 1 cup milk, 2 scoops Orgain protein powder and 1 banana or selected fruit by patient) and to add vanilla Orgain powder to rice pudding (his favorite dessert), and regular homemade pudding.

The patient regained his weight loss in 1 month and was able to make eye contact and answer my questions appropriately for a follow up assessment. His daughter now reports increased oral intake (completing ~50-75% of plates). He was also stable while getting on and off the scale! This patient is seeing a psychiatrist, but according to the patient’s daughter (I confirmed with documentation vs. the bag of medications brought into the appointment) no psychiatric medications were changed during this time. This patient also reduced his Ensure to 1x /day, so the weight gain appears in part due to the added Orgain Protein Powder!”

Healthcare Ambassadors

Peppermint Hot Cocoa

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